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When I first started diary-landing, I was in high school. I came here mostly during my computer class and used up all my free time typing at whatever it was I found important at the time. I used to sit next to a girl named Kirsten who'd watch me typing away all the time but never said anything until one day she says: "I'd always wondered what you were typing so much about.." Funnily enough, I'm friends with her on Facebook to this day, but we don't speak directly.

This is actually my second diary, the first one I had in high school, I stopped writing in in 2009 but I found myself nostalgic, remembered my password and did a test entry so I wouldn't lose all of my high school dramatics as well as my post-high school "feeling lost" phase. I remember a time where there were so many websites to choose free templates from. So much so, that I'd constantly change them whenever I got bored. Now, you cannot find any because most of the people who had them, deactivated their sites. That's unfortunate because the free templates available here are sooo early 2000's, it hurts!

Trust me, I'm all for that early 2000's nostalgia and constantly reminisce about how much better things were back then... especially when you realize how much of a shit show the world is now. People fucking suck. I keep a plain template, only tweaked just enough because I still remember how to do a little html from my MySpace days. Ugh, I miss that place and never understood why it stopped being so popular.

Now, I'm on Facebook with nosy family members who still call my mother to complain about a comment I make on a random post.
I had to have a talk with my mom recently about that shit. I told her that I was sick and tired of snitches and that if someone called her to mention something about me and that if it wasn't something that I absolutely needed to know or an actual emergency, to not tell me anything because it was a waste of my damn time. That if anyone had any concerns about me or what I was doing, they could call me or message me. Otherwise, don't bother me. She agreed.
I only keep my Facebook around because I like to see what my friends are up to and laugh every once in a while at silly memes. I also keep it around because I mind my business and I don't bother anyone because that's what adults should do, right?

Also, in case USCIS needs to see my social media, I want to have certain pictures and memories on the ready. Although I do hope the pictures my husband and I have compiled will be enough. I'll be back another day to update on the I-30 stuff.

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