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Monday is my husband's only off day so I usually leave him be so he can game or sleep or visit his best friend. I messaged him and told him I loved him.
He says: "You can tell when you're on your period.." Funny and true. I get sentimental.
A couple of days before I started, I watched this movie on Netflix called "Where the tracks End" and it wasn't even the saddest movie I'd ever seen in comparison to others, but I was bawling my eyes out. And even after it ended, I couldn't stop crying. It was a beautiful movie.
Sure enough, I'm on my period now, and I miss my husband.
His body was so warm, he would swallow me when we'd go to bed.
I miss his scent and the way he watched me do my make-up before we left the apartment and told me I was beautiful even though I didn't feel it.
That surprised look on his face when I'd go from listening to "Californication" to "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson... Jesus loves you more than you will know..." then switch it up to: "Last night I had the strangest dream...I sailed away to China in a little Rowboat to Find Ya" because truly, my taste in music is everywhere.

We sent in our I-130/I-130A on the 24th. It's a waiting game at this point although I'm expecting something in the mail from USCIS. We have an estimated wait time on our USCIS account but everyone says I should not pay attention to that or take it as accurate because it will keep changing. It already has. It went from 3 months until case decision to 6 months when I logged in two days later so I'm not basing anything, just hoping that the wait time doesn't take forever. I want my husband celebrating Christmas with me by this time next year. The wait times only prove how backed up USCIS is with visas so I am not going to stress about something that's not under my control. I feel like we spent the majority of our relationship waiting and waiting and it feels comical that we have to wait even more now and let strangers decide whether they think our relationship and now marriage is real enough to give him a green card. I hope our case lands in the right hands and doesn't take too long. I don't want to go through any more things alone with my husband so far away.

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